Minor in Women and Gender Studies (WGS)

Core Courses

A minor in Women and Gender Studies requires completion of WGS 2010 and a minimum of 12 additional credit hours of course work (including 6 upper division hours) in approved courses. A minimum of 6 credit hours must be chosen from the following core courses:

Earn at least 6 credits from the following:


Electives include additional core courses listed above or courses from the list below. Students may also individually contract with course instructor to emphasize women and/or gender issues through course content and/or course work. The WGS advisor may also approve additional courses as electives if the specific version of that course contains a significant focus on women and/or gender studies.

Earn at least 6 credits from the following:

HIST 4440-4449 (5440) - Native American Studies Credit: 3. (may be repeated if topic is different)

Note: No student will receive credit toward both the major and minor from the same course. Student contracts must be approved by the instructor before the last day to add classes.