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Attendance and Withdrawal

Class Attendance. A student is expected to attend each meeting of every class for which s/he is registered. Each instructor is responsible for explaining, in writing, the course’s attendance policy at the beginning of each semester. Regular class attendance is a definite part of the total performance required for the satisfactory completion of any course, and an unsatisfactory attendance record may adversely affect the final grade for the course. If the attendance record of a student becomes unsatisfactory, the instructor can record a last of date of attendance that can adversely affect Financial Aid, Scholarships, Veteran’s Benefits and other types of assistance.

Unsatisfactory class attendance may likely result in the student receiving a grade of “F.” A student who is unable to return to classes due to an emergency or serious circumstance should notify the Office of Student Affairs. A student who cannot avoid an absence from a class for any other reason is expected to assume the responsibility of explaining his absence to the instructor and for making arrangements to complete the work missed. Tardiness is recorded as an absence. Students may consider a class dismissed and leave the room without penalty if the instructor fails to appear within fifteen minutes. At the end of each period, a ten-minute interval is allowed for changing classes.

Withdrawal from the Institution

  1. Students who wish to withdraw from the University during a semester must submit a request for University Withdrawal to the Office of the Registrar. If no administrative holds have been assigned to the student account, such as a disciplinary hold, the student requesting to withdraw will receive a grade of “W” in all courses if an official withdrawal submission is received by the Office of the Registrar.  The withdrawal submission must be received before or on the last day of classes as specified in Tennessee Tech’s official Administrative Calendar.

  2. Students who do not timely submit a submission to the Office of the Registrar will receive a grade of F in each course for which they are registered.  Submissions for withdrawal will not be considered when received after the last day of classes as specified in Tennessee Tech’s official Administrative Calendar.

  3. If a student withdraws from classes and receives a “W” grade, the student does not need to apply for readmission if s/he is attending the very next Fall or Spring semester.  If the student is skipping a Fall or Spring semester, s/he must apply for readmission (no fee) and can do so the very same day. 

  4. If a student withdraws from all classes during the time period which the transcript will not reflect a “W” grade, s/he must apply for readmission (no fee) and can do so the very same day.  Students withdrawing from summer term do not need to reapply if they plan to attend classes in the Fall.

  5. In the summer term, if a grade has been earned during any of the sessions, the withdrawal will be treated as a drop of a course rather than withdrawal so that the grade earned will not be voided by the withdrawal. If a withdrawal/drop has been processed in the summer term and the student wishes to register for a later summer session, the student must go to the Office of the Registrar for assistance in registering. 

  6. The refund policies for the University can be found on the Bursar’s web page.

If you wish to submit an official withdrawal or would like more information, visit the Registrar’s webpage for: University Withdrawal