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Tennessee Board of Regents/University of Tennessee Transfer Track Module

Students who wish to fulfill core curriculum requirements for institutions in both the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) System and the University of Tennessee (UT) System may do so by completing the TBR-UT University Track Module. The Module consists of a sixty (60) semester hour block of courses in eight categories of subjects. The University Track Module incorporates the minimum degree requirements of all TBR and UT institutions and requires the completion of courses within the following subject categories:

Category 1:

Two English Composition Courses (normally 6 credit hours)

Category 2:

Two Mathematics Courses (normally 6 credit hours)

Category 3:

Two Science Courses (normally 6-8 credit hours)

Category 4:

Five History and Humanities Courses (normally 15 credit hours)*


*Six credit hours of history are required. The type of history required varies among public universities in Tennessee. Check university catalogs to determine the proper history courses to take. Tennessee Technological University requires American History for all majors except engineering majors.

Category 5:

Two Social/Behavioral Science Courses (normally 6 credit hours)


Examples are Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

Category 6:

Two Multicultural or Interdisciplinary Courses or Two Foreign Language Courses (normally 6 credit hours) 

Category 7:

Two Physical Education Courses (normally 2 credit hours)

Category 8:

Pre-major/Major Elective Courses (normally 12-15 credit hours)

The choice of courses depends upon the intended major at the university to which transfer is planned. Students planning to transfer to a Tennessee public university are expected to work with their academic advisors to ensure that all courses taken within the categories are appropriate to their intended majors. Courses to be transferred under the stipulations of the University Track Module must have been completed with the grade of “C” or better.