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Requirements for a Second Undergraduate Degree

A student may qualify for a second baccalaureate degree from Tennessee Technological University by completing all prescribed requirements in the specified curriculum for the second degree and with the approval of the chairperson of the department offering the second degree.

A person who has a baccalaureate degree from another institution* and who, in addition, desires a baccalaureate degree from Tennessee Technological University must fulfill all requirements for a second degree as stated in the previous paragraph and must complete a minimum of 25 percent of the credit for the degree in residence. TTU general education requirements will be considered met, with the following exceptions:

  1. Any general education courses that are required for progression in the major program must be completed.

  2. In addition, if the first baccalaureate degree is from a non-English-speaking university, the student must pass the reading and writing placement exam or complete all additional language support course work needed in the necessary discipline before enrolling at TTU.  Depending on the placement exam results, students may be required to complete READ 1100 as a co-requisite for ENGL 1010 as well as READ 1010.

*American degrees must be accredited by an approved agency, and foreign institutions must be approved as "reputable." These approvals will be obtained through consultation with the Director of International Education, the relevant TTU department chairs, and/or appropriate faculty members.