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Student Course Load

Minimum Course Load. The minimum load for full-time attendance is 12 semester hours. In the summer 4 hours is considered the minimum full-time load per session. (See “Financial Aid” section below).

Normal, Maximum, and Probationary Course Loads. Sixteen to seventeen hours is the normal student load. The maximum credit load for a student in good standing is 20 hours. The maximum load for students on academic probation is 16 hours for fall and spring semesters and 10 for summer. Any load exceeding the above requires approval by the Major Department Chair and Dean of the College or School in which the student is majoring.

Probation Course Load. The maximum load for students on academic probation is 16 semester hours for fall and spring semesters, and 10 for summer, with the exception of seniors within two semesters of graduation, who may carry 18 if necessary. A student on probation may be advised to take a lower load and must observe the load requirement or violate the terms of his/her probation.

Late Registration Course Load. Those who register late may be required to reduce their load.

Financial Aid. Federal law defines full time for financial aid purposes as being registered for at least 12 semester hours (excluding audit hours) for all semesters. Three-quarter time students include those who register for 9-11 semester hours, and half-time students include those who register for 6-8 semester hours. Students who drop below 6 credit hours during any semester (including summer) may have their financial aid deleted. Students who attend only one (1) summer session may have their financial aid reduced.

Please remember that you must attend class to be eligible for your financial aid. If you withdraw from school, drop hours, or just stop going to class, you will probably have to repay some or all of the aid you received.

Students must also be in an “eligible program” for purposes of receiving financial aid. All majors at TTU are degree-seeking. If students do not intend to earn a degree from TTU, or have previously earned a baccalaureate degree and are enrolling at TTU to earn a second baccalaureate degree, they may not be eligible for federal financial aid.