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FL-FLFR-2 - Foreign Languages, French, Option 2, B.A.

Program Long Title

Foreign Languages, French, Option 2, B.A.


Arts and Sciences



This option is only for students who concurrently earn a B.S. degree in Engineering, Industrial Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, or the physical or biological sciences. A major will consist of a minimum of 30 semester hours in French, including at least 24 semester hours of Upper Division courses. Students who because of superior previous training begin their major courses at the Upper Division level, may substitute up to six semester hours in a second language or related field toward fulfillment of the major requirement. Linguistics 4500 Introduction to Language Description and Analysis is recommended for all Foreign Language majors and may, with approval of the departmental chairperson, be substituted for one Upper Division Course in French for students concentrating in French. It is particularly recommended for those French majors who are also working toward teacher licensure at the secondary school level. The following courses, which require no foreign language background, may not be used as credit substitutes for required Upper Division Foreign Language courses: FREN 3510; GERM 3520 or GERM 4510; SPAN 3510 or SPAN 3550. They may, however, serve as open electives in any curriculum or as credit substitutes for certain lower division Foreign Language courses.